Watt Electric Vehicle Company Partners with Hydro to Create Sustainable Electric Vans from Recycled Aluminum

UK startup Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) has formed a strategic partnership with Hydro, a leading Norwegian industrial company.

This alliance aims to revolutionize commercial electric vehicle production with the launch of the eCV1, a van built entirely from recycled, low-carbon aluminum. The eCV1 is not just a vehicle; it represents a significant leap towards sustainable automotive manufacturing.

The eCV1, designed from the ground up by WEVC, showcases a commitment to environmentally conscious production methods. The van is constructed using Hydro’s low-carbon aluminum, which boasts a CO2 footprint of just 4.0 kg per ton, substantially lower than the global average of 16.7 kg per ton. This initiative is a testament to WEVC’s dedication to minimizing carbon emissions throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle.

WEVC’s approach extends beyond the use of sustainable materials. The company envisions a complete commercial EV system that includes fleet optimization, maintenance, and charging infrastructure.

This comprehensive strategy aims to maximize the eCV1’s lifespan, which is projected to exceed 20 years. This longevity starkly contrasts with the 5-7 year average lifespan of other commercial vehicles, offering significant cost and CO2 savings.

The eCV1’s design incorporates WEVC’s patented Flex-Tech architecture, which utilizes bonded aluminum for the chassis. This innovative technology not only reduces the vehicle’s weight but also allows for considerable flexibility and customization.

Such a design is conducive to regular updates and upgrades, extending the vehicle’s functional life. At the end of its lifespan, the eCV1 is designed for repurposing, including its battery, which could find second-life applications.

Real-world testing of the eCV1 prototype is already underway in the UK, with commercial production slated for 2025. The prototype features a 110 kWh battery, capable of an estimated range of 310 km (193 miles).

This impressive range highlights the eCV1’s practicality for commercial usage, aligning with the rising demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

WEVC’s collaboration with Hydro doesn’t end with the eCV1’s production. Both companies are committed to exploring broader sustainability initiatives, such as sustainable closed-loop recycling processes. This alliance is poised to impact the entire lifecycle of the vehicles, from manufacture to end-of-life recycling.

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