Popular Tesla Cyberquad for Kids Returns to U.S. Shelves with Upgrades

Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, in collaboration with Radio Flyer, has re-introduced the Cyberquad for Kids in the United States. This relaunch comes after the initial model, the Model 914, faced a recall due to non-compliance with youth ATV standards as set by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA).

The new version dubbed the Model 915, is now available for purchase in Tesla’s online shop, reflecting the company’s commitment to both innovation and safety.

The Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids is designed with a host of features that make it a standout in the realm of ride-on toy vehicles. It boasts a robust steel frame and is powered by a 500-watt motor. This motor enables the vehicle to reach speeds of up to 10 mph, a feature that is sure to excite young enthusiasts.

The vehicle is also equipped with a 36-volt lithium-ion battery, ensuring a substantial range of up to 15 miles on a single charge, thereby extending playtime significantly. The Cyberquad also features LED headlights and taillights, adding to its aesthetic appeal and enhancing visibility for safer use.

Safety has been a paramount consideration in the redesign of the Cyberquad for Kids. One of the notable changes is the inclusion of a revised warning label, clearly stating that the vehicle is not a youth ATV and is not intended for off-road use.

This clarification is crucial in aligning the product with safety regulations and in informing consumers about the intended use of the toy. Additionally, the model now includes a High-Low switch, allowing the maximum speed to be set at either 5 or 10 mph, giving parents control over how fast their children can go.

Another significant safety enhancement is the replacement of the rear spring with rubber-coated metal inserts. These inserts help secure the rear and main frames, contributing to the overall sturdiness and safety of the vehicle. Furthermore, a new tire inflation warning label has been placed on the front left fender, adding another layer of safety information for users.

Radio Flyer’s Chief Wagon Officer, Robert Pasin, expressed excitement over the official relaunch of the Cyberquad for Kids. He emphasized that the product development team, in collaboration with Tesla Design Studio, dedicated two years to enhancing the model, ensuring it meets safety standards and consumer expectations. Pasin highlighted Radio Flyer’s commitment to delivering safe, innovative products that stimulate imaginative play among children.

The initial launch of the Cyberquad for Kids in 2019 witnessed an overwhelming response, with the product selling out in less than 24 hours. It was subsequently recalled by the NHTSA.

Despite the recall in the U.S., Tesla continued to market the Cyberquad for Kids in Europe and China. Earlier this year, the company filed a new trademark for the toy, hinting at its potential relaunch in North America.

The Cyberquad for Kids Model 915 is now available for purchase at a price of $1,900. This relaunch not only signifies Tesla’s resilience and adaptability in addressing regulatory challenges but also showcases its dedication to providing innovative and safe products for its younger fan base.

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