Cybertruck’s “Out-of-the-Box” Design Wins Approval from DeLorean Creator

Tesla’s groundbreaking Cybertruck has received a significant endorsement from Giorgetto Giugiaro, renowned for his work on iconic cars like the Lotus Espirit, BMW M1, and the DeLorean DMC-12, famed for its role in the “Back to the Future” series. Giugiaro’s recognition of Tesla’s Cybertruck, particularly for its unconventional design approach, adds a notable chapter to the vehicle’s evolving story.

Giugiaro’s career is marked by a penchant for innovative designs, as exemplified by the DMC-12’s debut in 1981. Like the Cybertruck, the DeLorean was met with mixed reactions for its distinctive angular shape and tendency to accumulate smudges and marks.

Despite these initial criticisms, the DMC-12 carved out its niche in automotive history, a trajectory Giugiaro suggests the Cybertruck might emulate.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, revealed that the Cybertruck has already amassed over 1 million orders, indicating a substantial interest despite its polarizing design. Giugiaro’s recent remarks to NPR underscore the vehicle’s potential success, attributing it to Tesla’s willingness to deviate from conventional design norms.

He views such departures as almost provocations, necessary in various fields for distinction and market success. His confidence in the Cybertruck’s eventual appeal and success among a specific audience echoes the journey of his own designs, which were not universally lauded but found their admirers.

Tesla’s design journey with the Cybertruck has been a study in innovation and adaptation. Since its initial prototype reveal in November 2019, the vehicle has undergone several modifications in dimensions and features.

The core design ethos presented in 2019 remains intact. This design process, as chronicled in Walter Isaacson’s 2023 biography of Elon Musk, highlights Tesla’s commitment to introducing a unique pickup to the market.

The much-anticipated delivery of the Cybertruck is set to commence on November 30 at an event at Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas. This event marks the culmination of years of development and speculation, ushering in a new era for electric vehicles.

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